Potters Wheels – Product Showcase

The History of Skutt Wheels

Join us as we march through the history of Skutt Wheels. From the Skutt Wheels of the 60’s and 70’s, through the purchase of Thomas Stuart Wheels in 2007.

Removable Wheel Heads (Chaffey College)

Why does cerarmic instructor Brian Kohl of Chaffey college enjoy the removeable splash pans on his 12 Skutt Potter’s Wheels? Find out here!

Steven Hill

Everything legendary potter Steven Hill does is meticulous (in a good way). Find out why his process for choosing the perfect wheel is no different for him.

Scott Semple

Scott Semple throws big, beautiful pots. Few people on earth will torture a wheel as much as him. After years of destroying other brands, he finally found his match.

Robin Hopper

Yes, that Robin Hopper. You know the one who wrote the book(s) on Ceramics! Find out why Robin likes his Skutt wheel.

Judi Dyelle

Judi Dyelle is one of the finest porcelain artist in the world. If you have ever seen her work you would appreciate the precision and delicacy that must go into the making of them. Listen to Judi talk about why she like her Skutt Wheel.