Ceramic Kilns – Product Showcase

FireBox 8×6 LT

Checkout the New FireBox 8×6. This video walks you through all of the features and benefits of this flexible tabletop kiln.


Glaze research specialist at Pratt and Larson Tile in Portland Oregon, Andy Balmer, has certainly done his share of glaze testing. find out why he likes the new GlazeTech Cone 10 test kiln.

Transformer Package

The Transformer Package is an interesting upgrade to our PK series kilns that allows you to stack the kilns and have them run in synch from the same firing program. This video shows you in fast motion the setup involved as big pot potter Scott Semple’s Pot comes rolling in.

Odyssey – KilnLink

Listen to founder Brian McCarthy of Odyssey talk about how this innovative Clay program in Asheville, NC uses KilnLink to help them manage their kilns.