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Best practices for loading and firing your kiln.

Best Practices for Loading and Firing Your Kiln

At Skutt, we often receive questions from potters and ceramic artists about the best way to use our kilns. We’ve created a tutorial that covers concepts including separation of kiln shelf layers, thermocouple placement, load evenness and density, and cone type and placement.

Skutt New Red Pottery Wheels

Skutt Wheels Have A Whole New Look And Feel

Looking for a potter’s wheel that best fits your needs? Our upgraded pottery wheel line features bold red styling, smooth operation, and performance and convenience for everyone.

Home Potter With Kiln

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The Skutt distributor network has the ceramic and glass equipment you need, in stock now. Find our products in your area with our easy-to-use distributor locator tool.

Sketch Up kiln rendering.

Architect and Contractor Resources

Are you an architect or contractor working on a school construction project? We’ve collected CSI and electrical specs, 3D images, and kiln installation and management guides to help you in your work. 

Who Uses A Skutt?

With 70 years in the business, we’ve made a lot of friends along the way. From homes to schools to businesses, our products are used by:

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Mudsharks - Slip Casting

Skutt Product Highlights

KMT-822: Perfect small studio kiln.


The perfect small studio kiln.
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KMT-1027 - popular model for potters


Our most popular kiln for potters.
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Skutt Red Legend pottery wheel.


The perfect wheel model for schools.
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