Skutt Home Studio & Firebox 8×6 Offerings

If you’re looking to upgrade or expand your home studio, look no further than the Skutt Ultimate Home Studio. And for those new to the pottery game (or with space / electrical concerns), the Skutt Firebox 8×6 makes a great starter kiln for yourself or another.

Unleash Your Creativity with Skutt’s Ultimate Home Studio Equipment Package

Are you a potter or ceramic artist looking to set up your own home studio? Look no further; our vast network of distributors can help provide you the ultimate home studio equipment package, designed to meet all your pottery needs. Your future masterpieces await.

Home Studio Features:

  • KMT-822 or KMT-818 ceramic kiln: The KMT-822 or KMT-818 are the perfect small studio kilns for firing your creations.
  • Prodigy, Legend, or Classic pottery wheel: Choose a wheel model from our recently updated line right for your budget and needs.
  • EnviroVent 2: This downdraft vent keeps your studio space free of fumes.
  • Furniture Kit: The shelves and posts necessary to provide more flexibility in loading your kiln.
  • Tool Kit: The essentials to help you start making great things today.
  • Clay and Glaze: Get started out of the box with the materials needed to bring your vision to life.

Start Your Kiln Journey with Skutt’s Firebox 8×6 Mini-Kiln

Attention, budding artists! You don’t need a big budget or a spacious studio to bring your ceramic dreams to life. Our Firebox 8×6 mini-kiln is your ticket to creative freedom. Join the community of artists young and old discovering the possibilities with the industry’s best starter kiln.

Why Choose The Skutt Firebox 8×6?

  • Affordable Price Tag: Don’t break the bank as you get started in firing your own ceramic pieces.
  • Compact Design Fits Anywhere: You don’t need a huge space to locate your kiln and it works with standard household voltage (no expensive wiring required).
  • Easy For Beginners: Simple operation, plus it comes with a shelf kit and kiln wash.
  • Endless Creative Possibilities: Along with ceramics, the Firebox 8×6 can be used for fusing glass and heat treating metal.

Why Choose Skutt?

  • Quality: With 70 years in the business, Skutt is a name you can trust.
  • Convenience: Skutt has everything you need to set up shop in your own home.
  • Support: Skutt’s legendary customer service and tech team is available to answer your questions via phone and email. Plus, our website features comprehensive guides and videos to help you every step of the way.

Stocking Distributors

For pricing or to purchase, visit a participating Skutt distributor near you.

Photography by Kris LeBoeuf and Joshua Romberg.