Glass Kilns – Product Showcase

Glass Fusing Kilns

The Multi-use FireBox 8×6

The FireBox 8×6 is the largest kiln we can make that runs on standard household voltage. It has built in programs for Ceramics, Glass Fusing and Metal Clay.

Glassblowing Kilns

GM818-3CR used to make Large Borosilicate Vessel

Watch Michael Hengler of Eugene Glass School use their GM818-3 CR crucible kiln to melt 100 lbs of Borosilicate glass to blow this massive vessel.

Flameworking Kilns

Marcel Braun gives a complete rundown of the Scarab Kiln

Marcel Braun,Glass Artist and Designer of he Scarab line of kilns, goes over all the unique features of the Scarab kiln and walks you through how the controller works.

Marcel Braun, Robert Mickelsen and Dellene Perlata join forces to make this amazing Borosilicate sculpture.

Watch as these 3 artists work together to create this piece named Singularity in Marcel’s studio. Components were staged in a Mini and a Regular Scarab and the final piece was annealed in a Scarab XL.