Recent Updates

Here you will find the last year of updates we’ve made to our Service Training Manual.

October 2019

Addendums:  13.33 KilnMaster Manual 2019 Addendum_SSR PK Wiring Diagrams

Manuals:  Touchscreen Controller Manual for KMT & GMT Kilns

June 2019

Specifications:  11.20 EnviroLink History

Manuals:  EnviroLink Manual for KM/GM Kilns

                      EnviroLink Manual for KMT/GMT Kilns

                      EnviroLink Manual for KM Kilns with LinkBoards

May 2019

Repairs:  10.3.2 Thermocouple Replacement FireBox and HotStart Models

April 2019

Specifications:  11.18 EnviroVent 2 Specifications

February 2019

Upgrades:  14.8 Touchscreen Controller Upgrade

January 2019

Specifications:  11.11 Thermocouple Types

November 2018

Repairs:  10.24 3-Heat Switch Replacement NEW STYLE

                    10.25 Infinite Switch Replacement NEW STYLE

October 2018

Addendums:  13.27 Unpacking your KMT Kiln

                              13.28 Unpacking your GMT Kiln

Upgrades & Conversions:  14.17 Type-S Thermocouple Upgrade

September 2018

Diagnostic Tests:  9.1  KM Visual Inspection

Specifications:  11.7 KM Board History

                                  11.8 KilnMaster Controller Versions

                                  11.19 KilnLink App – Link your Kiln