Individual Shelves

We have every size shelf you could possible need for your Skutt kiln. There are a few little things you need to know about shelves before you order.

Furniture Kit or Individual Shelves

Furniture Kits are assortments of shelves and posts that are recommended to load a particular kiln model. Not everyone’s needs are the same so you may want to pick out your own assortment of individual shelves.

Shelf Thickness

The 1227 models have 2 different shelf thicknesses available 1” and 5/8”. If you are high firing (over Cone 1) in this model you may want to consider purchasing the 1” thick shelves due to the wide span of the chamber. These are a little heavier but they hold up much better to the extreme heat without warping.

Kiln Shapes

Since the majority of our kilns are multi-sided chambers, the shelves or shaped to match to countour. These can be ordered normally as Half shelves or full shelves. Full shelves are not available in our larger kilns due to the fact that they would be too heavy to handle safely. Half shelves can give you more loading options when you have many different sized pieces. The can also allow you to stagger their height to improve air flow in the kiln.

Our 1627 kilns require varied shaped shelves to form a full layer. A full layer would include 2 12-sided kiln half shelves and 2 rectangular shelves. Our GM1414 glass fusing oval kiln has a full shelf as an option.
Below is a list of our shelf options: