Sectional Design – Ceramic Kilns

Do we have it? Heck we invented it! Skutt was the pioneer of sectional kiln building over 50 years ago. That means we have had 50 years to perfect sectional design. Many have copied this design due to it’s popularity but none can match our quality. The sectional design allows the owner to quickly disassemble the kiln for moving or repair. This design brought Ceramics into the home. It’s light weight coupled with the ability to break down into smaller sections made it possible to move a kiln through a narrow doorway or down a flight of stairs.

Repair is a Breeze

With a sectional kiln you can get right to the part you need to replace. The hinged control box was designed to give you quick access to replacing the thermocouple without needing to balance the box on your leg. It also comes completely off to allow you to separate the sections. The wires that attach to the box are numbered and connected with slide on connectors. These provide a secure fit but also make removing and replacing them a snap. Once the sections are apart you can access any brick or element without having to crawl into your kiln.

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