New Skutt Lid Lifter

The New Lid Lifter makes our 10 and 12-sided lids some of the lightest on the market. In fact, you can now lift them with just a finger. The lid brace has been redesigned for added strength and now has 2 positions. The innovative Center Pivot Design distributes the force on the lid across 2 points as opposed to only one.

It ships fully assembled on the kiln. And unlike some other brands there is no awkward loading of the springs required. The kiln remains completely sectional for moving and repairs. The lid can be effortlessly and safely detensioned by simply raising the lid and sliding out the tension rod. It really is that easy!

  • So Light You Can Lift It With A Finger
  • New Reinforced 2 position lid Brace
  • Innovative Center Pivot Design
  • Ships Fully Assembled
  • No Tension Loading Required
  • Does Not Affect Sectionality
  • Ceramic Handle Remains Cool
  • All Corrosion Resistant Parts
  • Easy To Install Upgrade System
  • 3 Position Lid Latch and Prop Mechanism

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The new ceramic handle has a high temperature powder coating that remains cool enough to handle while the kiln is firing. All parts used in the construction are corrosion resistant, which is especially important for components that are exposed to fumes that may come out of the lid.

The upgrade kit is available to upgrade existing models in the field. We specifically designed the Lid Lifter to be easily and quickly retrofitted in the field. The Lid Lifter will be available as an option on the 10 and 12-sided GM kilns (Glass Kilns). Locate a distributor near you.