Innovative Kiln Design

A Design to Suit Everyone

A Skutt we realize that our customers are unique and have different wants and needs. Whether you are a hobbyist, professional artist, teacher, or in production, we have a kiln for you. Our selection of models address the type of work you do, power supplies available, space available, and of course budgets.

120V Household Voltage Kilns

If you are making small stuff why go to the expense of wiring for a large kiln. We have 5 tabletop kilns that will plug right into a Standard Household Outlet. When you are not using them just store them away in a closet. The largest of these models will fuse up to a 12”plate. Newer models incorporate a Pinless Lid Design. All of our 120V kilns use Solid State Relays which are known for their long life and quiet operation.

Studio Models

For those of you that are working with larger projects we have a line of large, but economically priced, studio models. These are top loading kilns with Elements in the Lid and Side. This helps ensure the kiln will fire evenly from top to bottom. They are all 13.5” deep and range from 17.5” to 28” in diameter. Newer models incorporate a Pinless Lid Design.

Best Selling Oval Kiln in the Industry

Skutts Oval Kiln the GM1414, has become the staple for most teaching facilities and artists firing large work. This kiln is 41” Wide. It features a Spring Assisted Lid Lifter that makes opening the heavy lid easy for just about anyone. It also has a Pinless Lid Design and Elements in the Lid and Side allowing heat to radiate under the shelf.

The Clamshell Design

If you are a Professional Artist this is the kiln for you. This is our only kiln that incorporates Elements Supported by Ceramic Rods. This ensures that no brickdust will fall into your work. Standard elements in the lid are suppoted through routed grooves in the brick. As elements expand and contract while firing, there is always aslight chance for a bit of brickdust to fall down on your piece. This will not happen with this design. Also, the kiln Hinges From the Bottom. This means that you have complete access to the piece for raking with no sidewalls to get in the way. The lid also traps a lot of the heat while it is open so your temperature can recover much faster when you close the lid.

Production Models

For years people claimed that you cannot fuse and slump in a side fired kiln. This simply is not true. All you need to do is adjust your firing programs and load properly. The big advantage of side firing is that you can Fuse on Multiple Levels. This can increase your productivity by as much as 4 times per load. It is perfect for those artists working with Glass Tile and Dinnerware.

Robust Bead Kiln

Our GM10F is one of the only bead kilns on the market made of brick, and not fiber. Brick Construction is tougher and cools slower. Perfect for larger sculptural beads that need to cool slow. Our bead kiln also incoporates a Perforated Heat Baffle which protect you from sticking a mandrel into the elements and getting shocked.

Automatically Start Vent

Our flame working kilns were Designed by the Artist Marcel Braun. He knows what flameworkers need and he put everything into our line of Scarab Kilns. The Controller is Specifically Designed to Fire Borosilicate Glass. It has Built-in Programs for Annealing, Repairing and Striking. The Innovative Door Designs ensure a tight seal and smooth operation.