GlassMaster LT Controller

This is the 3 button controller that comes standard on the FireBox 14, HotStart Pro, and The FireBox 8 w/GMLT controller. Unfortunately we as of yet, do not have a video for programming this kiln but hope to soon. You can view the manual below for help programming. Feel free to call us at (503)774-6000 if you get stuck.

GlassMaster LT Manual

This 3 button controller has nearly all the features as the full size GlassMaster Controller. The biggest thing that hangs people up is moving it into Pro Mode to access Ramp/Hold Programming and the settings menu. All you need to do hold the up arrow down until you here it beep while the kiln is in Idle. Press the Enter key, and now you can use the up or down arrows to toggle between the Pro, Auto, Load and Options menus.