The COE 33 Controller

The COE 33 controller is found on all Scarab Flameworking Kilns. These kilns are primarily used for annealing Borosilicate flameworked sculpture but can be used for any glass with a few adjustments in temperature. The COE 33 refers to the Coeficient of Expansion of borosilicate which is 33. Soft glass for blowing and fusing is generally 90 or 96 COE. Famed Borosilicate Artist, Marcel Braun, helped design the software for this controller. Watch the video below as he takes you through the programming and operation of the controller.

COE 33 Controller

In this video Kiln Designer and Artist walks you through all of the features and programming steps for this controller. Some of the options have been improved since the video was made but the overall functionality has not changed.