Status and Updates

Current Firmware Update: 1.8.0

 On October 26th, 2021 Google Cloud Services changed something that affected the ability of our controllers to report into our servers.  We have made a firmware change that will restore communications from our controllers to our servers.  This will require users to do a firmware update.  Firmware version 1.8.0 is available now with the fix.

 It does require a firmware update on each kiln, and that is not able to be done during a firing.  If a kiln is running, you can stop the firing, run the update, and restart the firing. If the controller has a more recent version of firmware (1.6.0 and above), it should notify the user of an update available when they go to program a firing.  Sometimes it takes a day or so for the controller to notice that there is an update available, but then it prompts you to do the update.