Single Input Digital Pyrometer for Glass Fusing Kilns

Sectional Design
This Pyrometer is included with a Firebox 8×4 kiln. For the price, it is a great choice for glass temperatures applications. However, even though this pyrometer has a temperature rating of 2375 F printed on the face of the unit, we do not recommend it for these temperatures due to the small gauge thermocouple that comes with the unit. If you are using it for temperatures above cone 1 (2079 F, 1137 C) we would recommend stepping up to the Dual Input Pyrometer.It comes with the following items:

1 – 2350 F (1285 C) Pyrometer with mounting case
1 – 6ft Type K insulated thermocouple wire with 5″, 22 gauge, Type K Thermocouple
1 – 9 volt battery included