Jon Almeda

Kilns – KM818-3 and FireBox 8×6

Jon originally specialized in very large pieces, challenging himself to make the largest pieces possible.When he came across the miniature scene, though, he was captivated. “Now, I push the limits of clay in the opposite direction.” A very meditative process, throwing miniature pottery is similar
to full-scale work except for the size—everything is contained in a one-inch area. Aside from the precision and steady hands required, there’s one other area that’s particularly tricky: glazing. Too thick it runs and the piece sticks to the shelf, too thin and the piece doesn’t look good. Rigorous experimentation eventually led Jon to the perfect balance of glazes and firing schedules to finish his beautiful miniatures.

Today, Jon’s work can be seen in shows across the USA and
Europe, and at Also check out Jon’s enormously successful Instagram page almedapottery where he has nearly 300000 followers.