We Care

Our Mission Statement
“We help you make great things”

The Family Name is on Every Kiln and Wheel
When you place your family name on the products you sell it means something. The Skutt family name has been on the product since day one. Over 60 years later, third generation President/Owner Jim Skutt still comes to work every day to make sure our products and how we treat our customers is only top notch.

Full Time Tech Support
We have 3 full time technicians. The first one starts answering the phone at 7:00 AM (PST) and the last one leaves at 5:00 PM. For you East Coasters that means you can call up until 8:00 PM (EST). They would probably work weekends if we let them.

5 Days a Week
Our office is open 5 days a week because we know most of you do as well.

Warranty is Parts and Labor
Warranties can be confusing, we like to keep it simple. Our view is that your kiln should last 2 years and your Potters Wheel should last 10 years with no problems. We would make it longer but the fact is no matter how well we source our parts, they do not last forever. Just like your car needs brakes, your kiln and wheel will need parts. The biggest difference between us and the competition is we pay labor and we don’t “Prorate” the cost of the parts. When we say 2 years we mean two years. The cost of labor is usually the biggest expense so why should you pay it? If you ever need warranty service call us at 503-774-6000. Be sure to have your model number and serial number handy.

Ask Around
We feel pretty confident that we have treated our customers pretty good over the years so ask around. The bottom line is what you do and not what you say.