Local Distribution

Over 200 Distributors in over 20 Countries
Why is this important? Even though many people choose to shop on the internet for many things they purchase, Skutt has always felt it was important for our customers to have access to the services and convenience that only a local distributor can provide. If you have a local distributor you have:

  • Knowledgeable people you can speak with in your time zone.
  • Most are open on Saturdays.
  • Most stock products you need…RIGHT NOW.
  • Provide repair services or know a good repair person who can.
  • Have equipment you can look at, touch and sometimes even use.
  • Support the local art community.
  • Provide low cost raw materials. It is expensive to ship clay and glass.

We are not saying that you should not buy online. Many of our online distributors  provide excellent service and have knowledgeable staff. What we are saying is that if you use any of the services listed above by your local distributor, you should support them. Those services are less tangible then a “great deal” but they are not free to provide.

Tight Standards
There is no doubt that a Skutt Distributorship is one of the hardest to get in our industry. The reason for this is that we count on our distributors to make us look good. Our distributors must at a minimum have a commercial storefront, regularly posted hours, and a knowledgeable sales staff. and that’s just where we start.

We provide training classes for our distributors several times a year to ensure they can have knowledgeable staff to help answer your questions.