KilnMaster Specifications

For comparing performance and electrical specifications between models we have included complete PDF listings below. If you are looking for a specification sheet complete for a specific model with outside dimensions it is best to use the Build A Spec Tool.

All KilnMaster and KilnMaster LT Electrical Specifications

This document contains all of the electric specifications for the KilnMaster and KilnMaster LT model kilns including the PK line of kilns.

KilnMaster Amperage per Section

This document contains the amperage readings, by section, for each KilnMaster model kiln. This information can be very helpful when you are trying to diagnose kiln problems.

KilnMaster Element Resistance Readings

This document contains the resistance readings of the elements for all KilnMaster Kilns. It is important to note that these readings are, in most cases, the resistance readings of a section of a kiln and not a single element alone. We do not publish our individual element readings. This information is helpful in determining if at least one of the elements in the section is worn out or broken.