Creating Sacred and Ritual Masks Within the High School Pottery Classroom

A Unit Meeting the Needs of a Variety of Learners with Various Needs and Differing Skill Abilities.
By Marianne Vinich
Riverton High School Wyoming

Lesson Goals and Objectives

Students will research and study the culture of a chosen mask region in the world.

Students will create a sacred or ritual mask in the style of their chosen region, incorporating the elements and principals of design within their creation using stoneware clay as the sculptural medium.

The masks may be historical or contemporary in nature.

Students will incorporate their own ideas reflecting individual creativity. (i.e. not copying directly)

Each student will prepare a five-ten minute visual and oral presentation about his/her mask. This presentation will be given to the class as a whole.

Students will display their masks in the high school and masks will be taken to the annual Wyoming State High School art symposium in May.

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