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Glass 101

Sometimes we get so caught up in the creative side of our glass projects that we can forget about the basics that can define the success our failure of our piece. Even if you have years of experiences it is always a good idea to review the basic rules. Here is a link to Glass 101


Troubleshooting Glass Defects

Sometimes troubleshooting what went wrong can be a little challenging. Is it the kiln? Is it my program? Was the glass compatible? Hopefully this section of our website can help you solve the mystery so you can achieve success. Visit Troubleshooting Glass Defects and learn what you can do to avoid some of these problems.:

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How to Fuse in an Ceramic Kiln

For years artists and teachers were told you cannot fuse glass in a ceramic kiln. Not true! Here is how you do it right.:

Yes Virginia, You Can Fuse Glass In Your Electric Kiln

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Downloading Manuals

Lose your Manual? No worries, you can download the manual specific to your kiln here.