KilnSitter Kiln Owners Manual

This is the most current KilnSitter Owners Manual. If your kiln has a “KS” at the beginning of the model name, this is the correct manual for you. The model name can be found on the serial plate on the side of the control box. This manual is for Models KS1227-3, KS1027-3, KS1027, KS1018-3, KS1018, KS818, KS714, KS614 and KS609. If your kiln was manufactured after October 1st, 2018, you will also want to download the 2018 KilnSitter Addendum below which contains amended wiring diagrams.

KilnSitter Kiln Manual for Kilns Manufactured between 1980 and June of 1996

In 1980 we began naming kilns by the number of bricks around and how deep it was expressed in inches (i.e. 1027). This is the correct manual for you if your model name incorporates this new style but does not include “KS” in the name. Also all models would begin their serial number with the letter “A”. This includes the following models: 1227, 1027, 1018, 818WR, 818, 818P, 818PWR, 714, and 614-3. The 609 had a separate manual.

KilnSitter Kiln Manual for Kilns Manufactured prior to 1980

If your kiln has one of the following Model names, this is the correct manual to download: 2353, 235, 231, 231-18, 185-27, 185-27, 183-27, 185, 183, 181, 145.

Addendum for KilnSitter Kilns manufactured After October 1st, 2018

This addendum contains slightly amended wiring diagrams that were necessitated by the introduction of a replacement 3-Heat Switch.