Kiln Installation

We make all shapes and styles of kilns. The information below covers our most popular models however much of the information is helpful for all models we produce. For specific information on installing your specific model, please consult your manual. You can download all of our manuals under the Manuals section of the Library.

KilnMaster Manual

The first portion of the manual discusses the installation process.

Designing a Kiln Room

Before you set up your kiln you need to make sure the room is designed to accommodate the safe and efficient use of the kiln. This document will help you with questions regarding electrical requirements, building codes, safety, ventilation and much more.

Choosing a Location for Your Kiln

This video discusses the key considerations regarding choosing the proper location to install your kiln.

Inspecting Your Kiln for Freight Damage

Freight damage is not covered under your warranty so it is very important to inspect the kiln very carefully before you sign for it. This video shows you how to identify signs of possible freight damage.

Disassembling Your Kiln

Many of our models are easier moved by disassembling them into smaller sections that are lighter and easier to move with through doorways or down stairs. This video shows you how to disassemble your kiln.

Reassembling Your Kiln

This video shows you how to reassemble your kiln if it has been taken apart for moving or repair.

Tension Your Lid Springs

Some people operate their kilns for years and are unaware that their kiln has a spring assisted lid because they never tensioned the springs. We need to detension them during shipping to prevent it from bouncing during shipment.

Vacuuming your kiln

This video describes how to properly vacuum your kiln before firing.

Placing Peep Plugs

Learn how to place your Peep Plugs so they stay in during the firing.

Test Firing Your Kiln

Learn how to properly test fire your kiln to make sure everything is operating correctly before you fire ware in it.

KMT/GMT Touchscreen Upgrade Kit Installation

Step by step installation instructions for upgrading your standard KilnMaster touchpad to the new Touchscreen controller.

KMT/GMT Printed Instructions

Download these instructions to help install your KMT Controller Upgrade Kit.