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Want To Fire Fast?

The FireBox 8 is a little bullet. When you are doing demonstrations and working with smaller pieces you can get away with firing fast. This thing will reach fusing temperatures in 20 minutes.

Digital Pyrometer

The FireBox 8 comes with a digital pyrometer that reads the temperature of the kiln chamber in degrees Fahrenheit. If you would like a pyrometer that reads in Celsius you will need to let your distributor know at the time of the order. The Pyrometer comes with a thermocouple with wire, thermocouple mounting flange, a pyrometer mounting bracket (that can be mounted to the wall or set on any flat surface) and it even comes with handy little case to store the pyrometer.

The temperature rate (speed at which the kiln heats up) is controlled by the infinite switch on the kiln. It will take a while to learn the switch settings that create the rate increases you need. It absolutely imperative that you monitor the kiln at all times. When the kiln reaches the temperature you are aiming for you can turn the switch off or you can control the rate of cooling also by using the switch. if all this is too much for you you may want to upgrade to the FireBox 8×4 which has a programmable controller.

Body lifts Off Base

Sometimes when you are assembling a piece you do not want to risk moving it. The FireBox 8 was purposely constructed so the body of the kiln can be easily removed simply by undoing a buckle. This allows you to assemble your piece right on the shelf as it sits in the kiln and then place the body of the kiln back over it. Voila! No moving!

Plugs Into Household Voltage

Nothing against electricians, but who really enjoys paying to have their house rewired. With the FireBox 14 you take it out of the box, plug it into any spare 120V outlet you have in the house and you are ready to start fusing. Okay, it does need to be a grounded outlet.

Lid Opens Over 90 Degrees

Why is this important you ask? We are glad you did. When the lid can open past 90 degrees it will not be in your way when you go to load your shelf. That’s it!

The Warranty

  • Unlike most warranties, ours covers Parts AND Labor.
  • Never Pro-Rated.
  • Serviced by the most extensive, knowledgeable and talented distributor network in the industry.
  • Backed by a company whose mission statement is “We help you make great things”. When your kiln is down, you can’t make great things.

And So Much More!

When you are buying a kiln, you are not just buying the equipment, you are also buying the service that comes before and after the sale. From the moment we cut that first brick to the day you open the box, to the day you are ready to retire it, our reputation is on the line and we take that very seriously. Get the whole story here.

Resource Links

Below you will find links to resources that are specific to this model:
FireBox 8 Kiln Manual

ModelPhaseVoltsAmpsWattsTemp (F)Cubic FtOpening (in)Depth (in)Wire AwgNEMA ReceptacleShip Dims. (in)*Ship Wt. (lbs)
Download a FireBox 8 1 Phase 115 Volts Product Spec Sheet
Download a FireBox 8 1 Phase 115 Volts Product Spec Sheet
Download a FireBox 8 1 Phase 115 Volts Product Spec Sheet
Download a FireBox 8 1 Phase 115 Volts Product Spec Sheet
FIREBOX 8x6 LT 1115151800Cone 6, 2250 F 0.22 8.00 x 8.00 6.5 12 5-15 24 x 19 x 19 58
FIREBOX 8x4 LT 1115151725Cone 10, 2350 F 0.17 8.00 x 8.00 4.5 12 5-15 24 x 19 x 19 53
FIREBOX 8X4 GMLT 1115151725Cone 0, 2000 F 0.17 8.00 x 8.00 4.5 12 5-15 24 x 19 x 19 53
FIREBOX 8 1115151725Cone 0, 2000 F 0.17 8.00 x 8.00 4.5 12 5-15 22 x 23 x 15 42
*Weights listed are only approximations. Actual weight will vary due to humidity levels and varying brick density.

Chamber Capacity

DepthOpening WidthOpening LengthCu. ft.
6.5 in 8 in 8 in 0.22

Approximately 8 in. x 8 in. opening and 6.5 in. high: 0.22 cubic feet.

There are no accessories available for this kiln.

There are no upgrades available for this kiln.

Contents List

Skutt Kilns should arrive fully assembled.

Packed with the kiln you will find the following items:

Buying Skutt Products

All Skutt products, with the exception of parts, need to be purchased through an Authorized Skutt Distributor. To locate a Distributor just click on the Distributor Finder icon below.

If you are looking to purchase a kiln, you may want to use the Build A Kiln tool first so you are absolutely sure you are ordering the correct kiln with all of the accessories and upgrades you want.

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