Controller Options

Choosing the right controller for your kiln can be nearly as hard as choosing the right size…but it doesn’t have to be. Many of the decisions are already made for you depending on the size of the kiln and whether you are purchasing a Ceramic Kiln, Glass Fusing Kiln or a Borosilicate Annealing kiln (Scarab). VIEW CONTROLLER BY MODEL CHART

Full Size or 3 Button

For the purpose of this discussion we consider any kiln with a 14″ control box or taller to be a large kiln. Large kilns come with Full Size Controllers and Small Kilns come with smaller 3 Button Controllers. Full size controllers include the KilnMaster Controller, the KilnMaster TouchScreen, the GlassMaster and the GlassMaster Touchscreen.

The smaller kilns , kilns with a 9″ control box, can be equipped with a KilnMaster LT (KMLT), or a GlassMaster LT (GMLT) 3 button controller. We do not put full size controllers on small kilns and we do not put 3 button controllers on large kilns.


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