Can I Start or Stop My Kiln From KilnLink or the KilnLink App?

In the current versions you cannot start, stop or program the kiln with either KilnLink or the KilnLink App. There are some very good reasons for not being able to start the kiln remotely. The first is safety. If you are away from your kiln you cannot check that is is clear of any flammable materials. For example, if someone placed a box of old newspapers to be recycled on top of the kiln that would be bad. More importantly, suppose someone was working on the kiln and you did not know it?

If you cannot start the kiln remotely, there is little point in having the ability to program it remotely. There is an argument to made for having the ability to stop the kiln remotely and we are looking into offering this feature in future versions. Remember, all changes made on future versions can be updated on the App at no charge.