KilnSitter Kiln Accessories


What is a KilnSitter Kiln?

Just like the name infers, a KilnSitter Kiln is a kiln that is controlled by a KilnSitter Controller. From the 50’s to the early 90’s these kilns were the only game in town and there are still a lot of them around. Skutt purchased the Dawson KilnSitter Company in 2008 to ensure we would have a continuing supply of reliable parts to offer our customers. While less then 5% of the kilns we make today are equipped with KilnSitters, there are still people who prefer them.

50 Amp Wall Mount Controllers

The KM1 Wall Mount Controller can upgrade just about any KilnSitter controlled kiln under 50Amps with a NEMA 6-50 or NEMA 15-50 plug to perform just like an automatic kiln.Just plug your kiln into the back of the controller, plug the controller into the wall outlet and install the thermocouple.

When you are ready to fire you turn all of your switches to high, place a cone in the KilnSitter that is 1 cone higher than your target temperature, set your timer and press in the plunger. The KM1 will then cycle the power to the kiln on and off to run your desired program. It has all of the advantages of normal automatic kiln with the added benefit of a KilnSitter backup.

Unfortunately Zone Control, KilnLink, and Current Sensing are not available with this setup. Below is a list of models that will work with the KM1 controller.

KS1227-3 – KS1027 – KS1027-3 – KS1018 – KS1018-3 – KS818 – KS1018-3 – KS818 – KS 818-3 – KS818WR – KS818-3WR – 280-3 – 231 – 235 – 231-18 – 185 – 185WR

Sectional Design

Blank Rings

A Blank Ring is an extra ring you can add to certain KilnSitter Kilns to increase the height of the chamber by 4.5 inches. They cannot be added to KilnMaster or GlassMaster kilns because of the nature of the boxes.They are called blank because they do not have elements.

Because they increase the size of the chamber without offering any additional power, they decrease the maximum Cone rating of the kiln to Cone 1. The rings can be used or removed as needed. The ring mounts generally under the top section and the wires that provide power to that to section are routed through the blank ring box.

Below is a list of models that will accept a blank ring.

KS1227-3 – KS1027 – KS1027-3 – KS1018 – KS1018-3 – KS818 – KS1018-3 – KS818 – KS 818-3 – KS818WR – KS818-3WR – KS714 – 280-3 – 231 – 235 – 231-18 – 185 – 185WR – 145